Software for digital image processing in industry and science

heurisko is a comprehensive library for image processing in industry and science. heurisko is the result of the practical needs in image processing for a powerful but easy-to-learn and portable image processing package, which flexibly adapts to changing requirements and facilitates the development of new image processing algorithms. An outstanding feature of heurisko is its capability to process multi-dimensional data.

Platform for tailored solutions from AEON

Based on heurisko, the heurisko team develops tailored solutions and software modules for sophisticated Image processing tasks. In addition, AEON develops and delivers PC-based image processing systems.

Development tool for customer solutions

With heurisko Developer, a handy graphical development environment is available for the creation of platform-independent image processing applications.
This package offers an intuitive and easy-to-learn script language for the problem-oriented and efficient development of demanding applications. In addition, the user can easily extend heurisko by own modules and integrate applications into other software environments. For the use of finished applications, low-priced runtime licenses are available.

heurisko® products

License for the creation and distribution of applications

This package offers a powerful script language for the efficient development of demanding applications. In addition, there are interfaces allowing for the extension of heurisko with your own modules and enabling the integration of heurisko in other programs. Detailed examples are provided.

Licenses for the use of completed applications

For all those who use heurisko-based applications but do not need to develop own applications, reasonably priced runtime licenses are offered. Examples include applications in a laboratory using heurisko as a stand-alone program or a machine control system integrating heurisko as an image processing module for inspection.

Trial version

The trial version for temporally unlimited evaluation of heurisko consists of the same program files as heurisko Developer and can be downloaded from the Download page. If heurisko does not detect a suitable dongle upon program start, it automatically switches into the demo mode. Please be aware that in demo mode, the maximum object size is 384 in all directions, saving is disabled and acquisition hardware is not supported.

We offer our service in three categories:

1. Installation and instruction

We support you in starting up heurisko and any delivered hardware in the context of your existing hardware. We will show you what is essential and how it works. The first step is always the hardest? Not at all, if you use our Service!

We provide this service either in our premises or at your workplace!

2. Training and consulting

Would you like to get a quick start on heurisko? Would you like to learn more about the apparently "hidden" possibilities of the software? Would you like to have your staff trained in heurisko? What about individual training at AEON tailored exactly to your needs? We offer training programs for beginners and advanced users as well as training by the hour.

3. Image processing solutions and preliminary studies

Who else better knows how to handle a problem with heurisko or how to produce an optimal heurisko program than the developers of heurisko? We offer preliminary studies on how to solve your image processing problem and investigation of options for optimization.

Our service is not limited to software. If required, we can design for you a complete and customized image processing system including hardware such as illuminators, cameras, framegrabbers, and computers.

Ordering heurisko®

heurisko is copy-protected by a dongle in the form of a Memory stick. The dongle is plugged into a USB port. The dongle can easily be taken from one computer to another, allowing heurisko to be operated on any number of computers — provided the software is not being used on multiple Computers at the same time.

The number of licenses actually needed is thus determined by the number of computers on which heurisko will be used simultaneously.

It is possible to provide a dongle via a server in a network where the network dongle is equipped with a predetermined number of heurisko licenses. When heurisko is launched on a computer connected to the network, it queries the server for availability of a free heurisko license. If so, heurisko starts up in normal mode. In the event that no free license is available, heurisko starts in evaluation mode.

At the end of a normal heurisko session, the occupied dongle license is released for the next license request. If a reliable network and a reliable server are available, network operation with a dongle is a reasonable option.

Please note that we offer discounts for multi-seat licenses. Regarding heurisko Developer, our price list contains 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10-seat licenses. In case you need more licenses, please contact us.

Regarding heurisko Runtime, the price per license depends on the number of licenses purchased during the last 12 months including the number of new licenses actually needed.

There are two update price levels. The lower level applies to updates within three years after the most recent update and the higher level applies to all other updates. Update prices apply to heurisko Developer only.

After the update of a heurisko Developer license all heurisko Runtime licenses can be updated to the same version as that of heurisko Developer for a small dongle reprogramming fee.

If heurisko is operated without a dongle, it runs in evaluation mode. In this mode, heurisko can be used for an unlimited time but the following limitations apply to its functionality:

  1. The maximum image size is 384 x 384. More precisely, the maximum coordinate length of each object dimension is 384.
  2. Objects, i.e., data, cannot be moved to nonvolatile storage or printers.
  3. Connections to external devices such as cameras and frame grabbers are not supported.

If you would like to evaluate heurisko, you can download it for free and without obligation.

In order to download heurisko, you have to register beforehand.

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General queries:

heurisko support:

heurisko bug reports:


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(fixed in 6.3.1)

Inspectors of type vtk lead to error number 1 in module iv_vtk.

(fixed in 6.3.1)

Integer TIFF images are always written as signed data and read back as unsigned data.

(fixed in

The select command crashes.

(fixed in

The XML I/O module does not accept non-ASCII characters and multiline strings.

(fixed in

Compound objects (struct) with many components may crash heurisko.

(fixed in

Histograms of integer objects crash heurisko.

(fixed in

The tabular display of ushort2|3|4 objects is distorted.

(fixed in 6.4.1)

The ObjSpheric operator does not work correctly for source objects of type ushort .

(fixed in 6.5.0)

The morphological operators do not work correctly if source and destination objects are identical.

(fixed in 6.3.1 /

The blue channel of 2-D inspector windows does not scroll horizontally.

(fixed in 6.3.1 /

Reading from files into objects of type huge/uhuge fails.

(fixed in 6.3.1 /

Using the acq_smci module results in error 403.

(This is not a heurisko bug)

The acq_fire module crashes.

(This bug has not been fixed yet)

Ifnotdef does not always work correctly if nested.

(This bug has not been fixed yet)

GetPosMax|Min do not work correctly if the output object is automatically resized.

(This bug has not been fixed yet)

For a parameter object of a user-defined operator the renew command crashes heurisko.

(This bug has not been fixed yet)

Nested operator calls without input objects crash heurisko.


Our life would be much easier if you could send us a commented workspace - including the occurred problem. This speeds up understanding and solution of the problem.
Please send your email to:

Workspace will follow via email:

Please give us the following information so that we can get back to you in case of questions, for example, if we cannot reproduce the problem you're describing:


If your question is not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

heurisko® Developer

Completing a workspace, heurisko issues totally incomprehensible error messages. Even the marked error spot does not give any hint on the error reason.


Please check, if you have forgotten to finish a command with a semicolon (and not inadvertently with a colon instead).

Executing a workspace heurisko seems to get stuck without any visible reason.


a) If you use operators, executing an FFT or inverse FFT, please wait a couple of minutes to see if heurisko runs a longsome learning act to optimize the FFT optimitation routine (operators ftLearn and ftiLearn).

b) Please check if there is a an infinite loop without a stop criterion.

c) Please check, if a peripheral device does not respond to a heurisko operator.


heurisko® Runtime

Although my workspace was operating perfectly with heurisko Developer, I do experience problems running it with heurisko Runtime. Can you explain possible reasons for this?


a) Please check if there is a path problem. Heurisko needs to know where imported workspaces and extension DLLs are located You may need to set environment variables.

b) Please check if the installed Runtime version is corresponding to the Developer version. Particularly check if by accident there has been installed another, older version.



Even though I have installed the dongle software in Windows, the USB dongle has not been recognized after been plugged in. Why?


After the dongle software has been installed, the operating system automatically does install further software when plugging in an USB dongle for the first time. In case of not beeing logged in to the system with sufficient rights, the software cannot be installed and the dongle cannot be recognized. Remove the dongle, log in as an administrator and plug in the dongle again. Now, the operating system should install the needed software automatically and inform you about success.

Extension modules in heurisko®

heurisko crashes while calling an operator in my extension module. The crash however does not occur in my program code. What has to be done?


Carefully check if your data access works correctly. If by accident you overwrite memory, this may have fatal results in other program areas.

Integrating heurisko® in other software

Calling the function hiDo() generally fails.


Make sure that hiInit() returns without failure. Only in this case heurisko® is initialized properly.