Software for digital image processing in industry and science

heurisko is a comprehensive library for image processing in industry and science. heurisko is the result of the practical needs in image processing for a powerful but easy-to-learn and portable image processing package, which flexibly adapts to changing requirements and facilitates the development of new image processing algorithms. An outstanding feature of heurisko is its capability to process multi-dimensional data.

Platform for tailored solutions from AEON

Based on heurisko, the heurisko team develops tailored solutions and software modules for sophisticated Image processing tasks. In addition, AEON develops and delivers PC-based image processing systems.

Development tool for customer solutions

With heurisko Developer, a handy graphical development environment is available for the creation of platform-independent image processing applications.
This package offers an intuitive and easy-to-learn script language for the problem-oriented and efficient development of demanding applications. In addition, the user can easily extend heurisko by own modules and integrate applications into other software environments. For the use of finished applications, low-priced runtime licenses are available.