Ordering heurisko®

heurisko is copy-protected by a dongle in the form of a Memory stick. The dongle is plugged into a USB port. The dongle can easily be taken from one computer to another, allowing heurisko to be operated on any number of computers — provided the software is not being used on multiple Computers at the same time.

The number of licenses actually needed is thus determined by the number of computers on which heurisko will be used simultaneously.

It is possible to provide a dongle via a server in a network where the network dongle is equipped with a predetermined number of heurisko licenses. When heurisko is launched on a computer connected to the network, it queries the server for availability of a free heurisko license. If so, heurisko starts up in normal mode. In the event that no free license is available, heurisko starts in evaluation mode.

At the end of a normal heurisko session, the occupied dongle license is released for the next license request. If a reliable network and a reliable server are available, network operation with a dongle is a reasonable option.

Please note that we offer discounts for multi-seat licenses. Regarding heurisko Developer, our price list contains 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10-seat licenses. In case you need more licenses, please contact us.

Regarding heurisko Runtime, the price per license depends on the number of licenses purchased during the last 12 months including the number of new licenses actually needed.

There are two update price levels. The lower level applies to updates within three years after the most recent update and the higher level applies to all other updates. Update prices apply to heurisko Developer only.

After the update of a heurisko Developer license all heurisko Runtime licenses can be updated to the same version as that of heurisko Developer for a small dongle reprogramming fee.

If heurisko is operated without a dongle, it runs in evaluation mode. In this mode, heurisko can be used for an unlimited time but the following limitations apply to its functionality:

  1. The maximum image size is 384 x 384. More precisely, the maximum coordinate length of each object dimension is 384.
  2. Objects, i.e., data, cannot be moved to nonvolatile storage or printers.
  3. Connections to external devices such as cameras and frame grabbers are not supported.

If you would like to evaluate heurisko, you can download it for free and without obligation.