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heurisko® Developer

Completing a workspace, heurisko issues totally incomprehensible error messages. Even the marked error spot does not give any hint on the error reason.


Please check, if you have forgotten to finish a command with a semicolon (and not inadvertently with a colon instead).

Executing a workspace heurisko seems to get stuck without any visible reason.


a) If you use operators, executing an FFT or inverse FFT, please wait a couple of minutes to see if heurisko runs a longsome learning act to optimize the FFT optimitation routine (operators ftLearn and ftiLearn).

b) Please check if there is a an infinite loop without a stop criterion.

c) Please check, if a peripheral device does not respond to a heurisko operator.


heurisko® Runtime

Although my workspace was operating perfectly with heurisko Developer, I do experience problems running it with heurisko Runtime. Can you explain possible reasons for this?


a) Please check if there is a path problem. Heurisko needs to know where imported workspaces and extension DLLs are located You may need to set environment variables.

b) Please check if the installed Runtime version is corresponding to the Developer version. Particularly check if by accident there has been installed another, older version.



Even though I have installed the dongle software in Windows, the USB dongle has not been recognized after been plugged in. Why?


After the dongle software has been installed, the operating system automatically does install further software when plugging in an USB dongle for the first time. In case of not beeing logged in to the system with sufficient rights, the software cannot be installed and the dongle cannot be recognized. Remove the dongle, log in as an administrator and plug in the dongle again. Now, the operating system should install the needed software automatically and inform you about success.

Extension modules in heurisko®

heurisko crashes while calling an operator in my extension module. The crash however does not occur in my program code. What has to be done?


Carefully check if your data access works correctly. If by accident you overwrite memory, this may have fatal results in other program areas.

Integrating heurisko® in other software

Calling the function hiDo() generally fails.


Make sure that hiInit() returns without failure. Only in this case heurisko® is initialized properly.