We at AEON advise our customers in developing concepts for the sustainable and multiple use of produced media, such as:

  • Photo shootings to build digital data bases offline or online
  • Digital giveaways (photos, videos) for customers, business partners or staff – including concepts and organisation of distribution of these media
  • Video productions and mid- and long-term availability of videos and footage for our customers (as well as specific long-term customer archives)
  • Online media libraries including video, photography and complex applications as contribution to digitization
  • Digital, interactive and specialized media solutions for in-house usage as well as for common education, documentation and PR
  • Live pro-webinars for environmentally friendly education and training

EcoVadis Gold Award

Our customers are perfectly satisfied with this effort and our excellent achievements. Since 2014, we regularly attend an assessment by the  international rating platform EcoVadis reviewing sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

At the last valuation in 2018, AEON was granted for the second time the “Gold Status” for sustainability and responsible action. This result makes us part of the 5% top performers being reviewed by EcoVadis.

Sustainability of our work is a concern we continuously work on.