Business Photos

Business Photos

Excellent photographs representing you as competent, reliable and authentical business person are crucial for successful communication.

We have ample space in our studio so that the currently applicable hygiene guidelines are respected.


We offer single shootings and individual shootings for small groups. Please contact us:

  • per email:
  • or give us a call:

    06181 52051-0 or
    06181 4404-0
Optimizing your personal visual appearance

Practical outfit tips

  1. Significance of the first impression
  2. Stylistics, the appropriate length for garments
  3. Lines or garments, proportions and type-specific clothing
  4. Colors in business, effect of colors on oneself and others
  5. Accessoires – the dos and don’ts

For your personal consultation, please bring along 2 outfits for business or leisure time

Make-up and Make-up-consultation

  • The perfect makeup for your daily business life
  • Accentuating and adjusting the shapes of eye and face
  • Consultation: appropriate shades for foundation, eyeshadow, rouge and lipstick