Adequate photos for press, website, print, ...

Business portraits, event coverage, advertisement and product photography, corporate photography

Really good business portraits make a difference for your online profile, job applications or on a company web site.
We focus on authentic presentation of your personality and take photos you can identify with – in our study, on location or at your company’s site. We start with a consultation on how to reach your goals and give tips on the best choice of clothes. We offer a make-up artist to optimize make-up and hair, and we advise you on posing for good results.

In corporate photography, we are striving to visualize your company and its values in an attractive and effective way. We join you at your offices, your production plant, your practice, workshop or your shop to take photos or record video to produce image material you need for your web appearance, on mobile devices or in print.

Logistics for optimal photographies and visuals

  • Shootings in the plant, agency, medical or legal practice, workshop, office, store, ...
  • If real settings are not accessible for shootings for whatever reason, we recreate them in our studio
  • Please ask us for examples fitting to your requirements:
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Business photos plus style counseling

Excellent photographs representing you as competent, reliable and authentical are crucial for successful communication. Our after-work photo session is taking place in our large studio about every 6 - 8 weeks. Up to 10 participants share the studio preparation costs for their professional photo shooting.

Please note:
Due to current COVID-19 circumstances there are no photo shooting events in our studio currently. However we offer single shootings and individual shootings for small groups. Please give us a call for an appointment: +49 6181 520510.

You also may show your interest in the form below and we will keep you posted.

Business photos

  • Business photos for Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Style counseling to optimize your personal appearance
  • Make-up counseling by makeup artist

Next workshop

Currently there are no photo shooting events in our studio. However you may show your interest in the form below and we will keep you in the line.

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Optimizing your personal visual appearance

Practical outfit tips

  1. Significance of the first impression
  2. Stylistics, the appropriate length for garments
  3. Lines or garments, proportions and type-specific clothing
  4. Colors in business, effect of colors on oneself and others
  5. Accessoires – the dos and don’ts

For your personal consultation, please bring along 2 outfits for business or leisure time

Make-up and Make-up-consultation

  • The perfect makeup for your daily business life
  • Accentuating and adjusting the shapes of eye and face
  • Consultation: appropriate shades for foundation, eyeshadow, rouge and lipstick


  1. An experienced team of photographers and picture editors provide ensures professional photos
  2. Including 5 professional portraits or body shots
  3. Delivery a few days later online, digitally in high resolution

Organizational aspects

Price / person (incl. VAT):

261,80 € (220,00 € net)

(including snacks and beverages)

Group size:

up to 10 participants
Location: AEON Studio in Hanau
Niddastr. 28 A

The event is taking place in the big film- and fotostudio


3-4 hours -
start on Mondays: 6:00 pm
start on Saturdays: 2:00 pm

Events 2020:

August 10, 2020
October 24, 2002
December 7, 2020

Further dates for groups on request



Price per person and per course

220,00 € plus VAT (including Snacks and beverages)

Please note that this registration is binding. You will receive a confirmation via email after the registration has been finished.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel courses in the event of an insufficient number of participants.
(Participation fees already paid will of course be refunded in that case)

Exclusion of liability

AEON does not accept any liability (in particular claims from culpa in contrahendo and positive infringement of the contract caused by AEON),
except in cases of intent or gross negligence. Irrespective of their legal grounds, limitations of liability shall be limited in its amount to the participation fee.


Up to 14 working days before start of the workshop at no charge.

In case of a later cancellation, the fee can not be repaid. Transfer to an alternative workshop date is possible).

The organizer reserves the right to cancel courses in the event of an insufficient number of participants. Participation fees already paid will then be refunded.


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