heurisko bug no. 6089

This applies to heurisko 6.1.0 and higher.


The morphological operators do not work correctly if source and destination obects are identical.


If source and destination objects are identical, heurisko creates a temporary object where it copies the original data because for morphological operations source and destination need to be different. Unfortunately, the creation of the temporary objects is misplaced such that the operators actually do not use the temporary object. The affected operators are the following: DilateN, ErodeN, CloseN and OpenN. Operators with fixed masks such as Dilate3N are not affected.


Supply separate source and destination objects for DilateN and ErodeN. Do not use CloseN and OpenN. Call DilateN and ErodeN instead of CloseN and call ErodeN and DilateN instead of OpenN.



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