Webinar studio

Live-streaming world wide

We can broadcast video and audio internationally – speeches to employees, product feature films, congress news, or training sessions – webinars are a cost efficient means to reach people in various locations worldwide.

Our regular webinar studio allows 8 people to participate live; integration of participants via Skype is possible.

Our livestream is accessible from various PC platforms as well as mobile devices

The livestream is broadcasted providing different video qualities (resolutions), allowing receiving devices (PC, MAC, mobile devices) to use the optimum data rate.

The livestream shows people present in the studio as well as presentation slides, and allows integration of video material that has been prepared beforehand.

Participants are free to use live chat forms to interact with the speakers during the event

Webinar participants may pose questions to the speakers at any time during the broadcast via an online chat form. Messages are received by a moderator laptop and can be directed to the respective speakers during the program.

Optionally, specific questionnaires can be programmed, for example, to receive feedback from participants by voting. Results are directly available for consideration during the discussion.

Complementing the live stream, we record the webstream, making the event available for participants or a broader audience. The record can be accessed from our own streaming server or provided for hosting on customer’s servers.

Protected access

Webinars run on protected servers with optional user authentication. Websites and forms for webinars are designed based on customer CI specifications
  • Live broadcast worldwide with up to 8 people participating in the studio
  • Participation – optionally with user authentication – from any PC with internet access or using mobile devices
  • The webstream is recorded for later hosting and online access for a broader audience or for re-view by participants
  • Websites and forms based on customer CI specifications