Studio renting

Studio equipment and set up

  • Truss system with electric chain hoist
  • Duo vinyl dance floor (black/green)
  • Full-height curtains in black, green, and blue
  • White background sweep 40 m with corner, 10 m in height
  • Ceiling sail 8 x 4 m - new covered
  • Sail 6 x 6 m on roll tripod
  • Floor heating system
  • Rental of light on request (mostly tungsten Fresnels 5kW, 2 kW, 1 kW)
  • Holland (scissor) lift
  • Free wireless visitor LAN

Side rooms

  • 60 m² ground floor room for training, crew
  • 20-40 m² rooms on second level for crew, office space, training

We are happy to provide further information, such as detailed studio plans, prices, etc. Please contact us.

Studio photography – Mobile bar

An example of a studio photography by Thomas Goos


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