Media training

Studio day

For each participant, we plan to record a statement and an interview. Alternatively, recording of 2 statements is also possible. Included is coaching by our trainer, supervision by the image consultant, professional makeup and hairstyling and guidance by AEON’s studio team.

Due to a rising interest in producing professional videos for websites, youtube, …, we opened the studio days also for participants of previous trainings who would like to have new videos filmed. Get in touch with us.

When you are thinking about business topics relevant to your customers that would be good to have as a video, our studio day may be of benefit for you.

You will receive your videos a few days after the filming for approval and – when everything fits your needs – the final videos in two formats will be downloadable for free use. In addition, every participant receives 2 optimized portrait photographs for free use.

Video shooting coached by Margit Lieverz, including:

  • Studio and camera team
  • Make-up artist
  • Post production
  • Counseling on video format and provision of the final video in the selected format(s)