AEON studio center

AEON's spacious production studio has been designed based our own production needs. Since startup in 2011, our production building offers flexible room as well to external users, for film, photography, workshops and more. In addition to the 1000 m² studio, a fully equipped audio studio, a studio for webinar broadcasts as well as side rooms are available for use as crew room, make-up, wardrobe, production office, etc. (22 to 60 m²).

Large production studio

1000 m², working height 11 meters, 400 m² background sweep (height 10 meters), greenscreen, auf Lasten ausgelegte Decke


Webinar Studio

Live broadcast worldwide, interactive, webstream recorded for later hosting and online access...

Audio studio

Recording, sound re-play, processing and mixing of voice, music, and sound...

Studio renting

We are happy to share our studio and side rooms with other producers who take care for our rooms and equipment...