Media training

Power training (2nd day)

In cooperation with you, we are optimizing the wording for your statements. Interaction with other participants helps you to specify your message. Everyone will benefit from the energy and dynamics that originates in a small group.

Further practical exercises in preparation for the studio day. According to participants’ needs, we offer different formats: statements, introductions, addresses of welcome, lead-ins, …

A test shooting in the greenscreen set with lights on, camera and mic will complete the preparation for the studio day.


Image analysis

Our image consultant advises each participant separately in all aspects concerning their outfit.

  • Stylish appearance
  • First impression is vital
  • Chances of nonverbal communication
  • Perception of influencing factors
  • Style, the correct length of skirt of trousers
  • Aligning body lines, proportion and personality according to type
  • Use of colors in business situations, impact of color on self and others
  • Accessories – dos and dont's
  • External presentation with authenticity
  • Participant’s questions on the topic will be discussed


Optionally, participants may go through individual counselling with respect to her/his ideal colors for business and leisure time – including styling tips.