Moderation training

Basic training (day 1)

  • Basics of presenting events, moderation techniques
  • Speaking in front of audiences
  • Tips and tricks for a proper introduction / conclusion
  • Moderation on stage or in the studio
  • Addresses of welcome, introduction, how to captivate the audience
  • Announcement and back announcement of a key note speaker
  • Chairing a Q&A session or moderating a discussion
  • Checklist for presenters
  • What is on the note cards – and what is not?

Exercises with video analysis

For an infections moderation, the entire person in action is crucial. Only if you hear and watch yourself you get a proper  impression of yourself. You will learn how to analyze differences between self-perception (how do I want to appear) and the way others perceive you (how do I appear) and to find your authentic style with confident body language and presence.