Media training

Media trainer Margit Lieverz on:
What are you getting from a media training?

Image video filming with preparatory coaching (media training)

For all those aiming at

  • strengthening their effect on their audience while remaining authentic
  • optimizing voice, facial expression and gestures
  • getting more confident about how your performance effects on your audience

This training may also help you becoming more effective in your interaction with customers, more confident in events or meetings or simply by improving your impression on others.

Continuous advancement of our media training

Since 2014, we’ve advanced our training in many aspects according to the needs of our participants:

  • The two training days have become a power coaching. It is fantastic to observe how our participants grow, gain confidence and presence during these two days to present themselves, their business and their concerns. The good thing is that you can learn speaking like a professional in front of the camera
  • Here is are a few unprompted voices from (German) participants:
  1. „Macht weiter so! Tolle Arbeit mit viel Spaß und Freude. Freu mich aufs Wiedersehen.“ (MP, Jan 2017)
  2. „Ein ganz tolles Team und super professionell!!“ (MCC, Sept 2017)
  3. „… ich hoffe, ihr wisst, was ihr mit dem Medientraining und eurem Input alles angestoßen habt …“ (MCC, Sept 2017)
  4. „Du bist auf dem Weg zur Sichtbarkeit? Dann gönne dir ein Medientraining bei AEON mit Margit Lieverz und Anett Wierz und sei gespannt, was sich danach alles ändert.“ (MCC, Nov 2016)
  5. „Tolles Ambiente bei AEON. Da fühlt man sich gleich im großen Film!“ (DB, Nov 2016)
  6. „Dankeeeee. Schön, dass ich bei euch „gelandet“ bin. Ihr gebt euch soo viel Mühe!! Tausend Dank für das riesen Engagement!“ (RB, Dez 2017)
  7. „Tausend Dank – für die mega schnelle Erstellung und für das perfekte Bild. Ich halte euch auf dem Laufenden und bin so gespannt!“ (RB, Dez 2017)
  • Consulation and support of our stylist and image consultant has gained more and more importance. She advises the participants in all aspects concerning outfit – including even hairstyle and eyeglasses. The (optional) color counselling session has become more detailed.
  • In addition, we are taking portraits during the production day. The participants are free to use the photos for websites, social media profiles, applications and so on..
  • Post production of the video recordings has become more elaborate. Our goal is to produce videos allow our participants to win new customers. We are happy about all the positive feedback.

We really enjoy working with our participants. We do not hesitate to spend a lot of energy to make the course a success. To balance our input that grew continuously since 2014, we consequentially increased prices for our events in 2018.

The Trainer

Margit Lieverz

Margit Lieverz works as a moderator, actor and coach for rhetorical and media training.

With the experience of numerous performances and moderations in radio and TV and at top notch gala events, Margit shares her extensive experience and enthusiasm for the benefit of her trainees.

You will experience getting more comfortable with impact on your communication and presentation effectiveness.

The image consultant

Anett Wierz

Your outfit accents your personality and your message. Anett Wierz supports attendees of our training in selecting the perfect outfit for your performance. She is an independent stylist and her passion is in fashion and style. She gained her experience over many years in the fashion industry, at fashion shows, photo shootings, and from working as a model herself.