Film & Photo

Film & photography

In addition to high quality photography, moving pictures (video) are getting more and more important for business professionals.
Film efficiently conveys facts as well as emotion to address customer needs for information, facts or services but also for a good business relationship.

In terms of space, equipment and experience, AEON has accumulated excellent qualifications for good films and photography for various industrial sectors and beyond.

Films and photos are recorded either in our own, well equipped production studio or on location at our customer’s production sites. All work places, equipment and competencies are available in-house – audio studios, editing suites, animation, graphics as well as music and sound archives.

Business film, teaser

Business films are video messages on trade marks, products, projects, people or corporations.


Business portraits, event coverage, advertisement and product photography, corporate photography

Interview, webinar and podcasts

Video interviews and video podcasts represent a highly personal way of communicating - live broadcast worldwide.

Event documentation

The AEON teams work professionally, discreetly and attentive to capture unique moments.

Conference Cast

Long-lasting use of presentations and speeches – just like watching them live but at your own schedule.