EMVA 1288 - 2 days training


The 1288 standard of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) for objective camera charaterization is adopted worldwide and makes it easier to compare cameras and image sensors of different vendors. In addition, the standard also evolved to an indispensable means to shorten development cycles and improve the quality of cameras and sensors. The standard characterizes the devices strictly by physical parameters. It focuses on the camera without a lens and introduces objective criteria for the rating of sensitivity, noise, spectral sensitivity, dark current, nonuniformities and defective pixels and includes a one-page standardized summary data sheet for easy comparison. The standard comprises both area and line cameras with monochrome and color sensors.

Aim of Training Course

The aims of the training course are

  • to demonstrate the benefits of the standard
  • to acquire in-depth knowledge about its foundations
  • to gain first hands-on experience on the required measuring equipment, optimum set up of the measurements, and analysis the results.
  • to understand deviations of measurements from ideal behavior: what are the reasons?
  • to get practical experience by performing EMVA 1288 measurements with test equipment
  • to answer specific individual questions