Camera and image sensor measuring services

NEW IN 2018

  • Full camera characterization now also down to the medium wave UV and up to the SWIR (shortwave infrared)
  • Spectral measurement of the quantum efficiency now from 210 – 1050 nm even for high speed cameras with exposure times down to 20 µs.

For the measurement of cameras and image sensors according to the EMVA 1288 standard, AEON has put together a selection of four standard measurement packages to choose from as needed. All measurements are carried out without a lens.

Package 1m: Basic monochrome measurements

This package includes all required measurements according to the EMVA 1288 standard for a monochrome image sensor that can be performed when the camera is at room temperature.

Without illumination:
  • Dark noise
  • Dark signal nonuniformity (DSNU)
  • Dark current
Monochromatic measurements with a calibrated homogeneous LED illumination at a wavelength of 530 nm:
  • Linearity: Digital gray value as a function of the irradiance
  • Noise: Temporal noise as a function of the mean gray value
  • Analysis of photo response nonuniformity (PRNU)
  • Absolute sensitivity (quantum efficiency)
  • Pixel defect characterization
Package 1c: Basic color measurements

The same measurements as in package 1m are conducted but with three illumination colors. Besides green light at 530 nm also blue light at 465 nm and red light at 625 nm is used.

Package 2: Temperature dependency of dark current

This is also part of the EMVA 1288 standard. The dark current is measured at various camera housing temperatures within the camera's specified operation conditions.

Package 3: Temperature dependency

In extension of the EMVA 1288 standard all measurements of package 1m or 1c are performed at various camera housing temperatures within the camera's specified operation conditions.

Package 4: Spectral sensitivity

The absolute spectral sensitivity (quantum efficiency) is measured from UV (210 nm) to NIR (1050 nm) with a bandwidth (FWHM) of about 6 nm and a step width between measurement points of 2 nm.

On request, these measurements can be extended into the UV range down to 200 nm.


Camera mounts

C-Mount, CS-Mount, Nikon F, M42, M58, M72

Other mounts on request.

Maximum sensor diagonal

The maximum sensor diagonal for homogeneous illumination is 80 mm.

Camera interfaces

Camera Link, USB3 Vision, GigE Vision
Other interfaces on request.


The measuring and evaluation software covers a wide range of cameras. If your camera is not covered, the software can be extended to support your camera or image sensor.

Derived parameters according to EMVA 1288

  • Absolute gain factor
  • Absolute sensitivity threshold
  • Saturation capacity
  • Maximum signal-to-noise ratio
  • Dynamic range
  • Linearity
  • Quantum efficiency
  • Dark noise
  • Spatial non-uniformity of the dark signal (dark signal non-uniformity, DSNU) and the sensor sensitivity (photoresponse non-uniformity, PRNU)

Result documentation

All measurement results including graphs, tables and images are summarized in a measuring report in PDF format. In addition, all data are provided as machine-readable CSV files. Furthermore, all diagrams and images of the report are also delivered as individual files.

Beyond the current EMVA 1288 standard

Our equipment enables us to also conduct measurements that are not treated by the actual EMVA 1288 standard.

  • Monochromatic measurements at other wavelengths and with white light
  • Measurements of non-linear and HDR cameras
  • Measurements of the modulation transfer function (MTF) of imaging sensors and lenses
  • ... and much more

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