Media training

Basic training (1st day)

We train using many many practical exercises ‘hands on’, until the camera does not unsettle you anymore. All exercises are recorded and examined together. Positive feedback of your fellow participants, the trainer and your own perception will help you to expand strengths and deal with uncertainties.

  • Perfection is not the goal but to-the-point and convincing delivery of messages to the camera
  • To be convincing, a person in its entirety is important
  • Gaining a comprehensive picture of the own person is only possible by hearing and seeing yourself in action
  • Very practically, we train basics of breathing and speech techniques and give tips how to use breathing, posture and speech for a convincing impression
  • You will learn to analyze and differentiate self-perception (how you want to appear) and how others are perceiving you. You will find your own and authentic style