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Bug No. 6097 (fixed in 6.3.1)

Inspectors of type vtk lead to error number 1 in module iv_vtk.

Bug No. 6096 (fixed in 6.3.1)

Integer TIFF images are always written as signed data and read back as unsigned data.

Bug No. 6095 (fixed in

The select command crashes.

Bug No. 6094 (fixed in

The XML I/O module does not accept non-ASCII characters and multiline strings.

Bug No. 6093 (fixed in

Compound objects (struct) with many components may crash heurisko.

Bug No. 6092 (fixed in

Histograms of integer objects crash heurisko.

Bug No. 6091 (fixed in

The tabular display of ushort2|3|4 objects is distorted.

Bug No. 6090 (fixed in 6.4.1)

The ObjSpheric operator does not work correctly for source objects of type ushort .

Bug No. 6089 (fixed in 6.5.0)

The morphological operators do not work correctly if source and destination objects are identical.

Bug No. 6088 (fixed in 6.3.1 /

The blue channel of 2-D inspector windows does not scroll horizontally.

Bug No. 6087 (fixed in 6.3.1 /

Reading from files into objects of type huge/uhuge fails.

Bug No. 6086 (fixed in 6.3.1 /

Using the acq_smci module results in error 403.

Bug No. 6078 (This is not a heurisko bug)

The acq_fire module crashes.

Bug No. 6048 (This bug has not been fixed yet)

Ifnotdef does not always work correctly if nested.

Bug No. 6042 (This bug has not been fixed yet)

GetPosMax|Min do not work correctly if the output object is automatically resized.

Bug No. 6041 (This bug has not been fixed yet)

For a parameter object of a user-defined operator the renew command crashes heurisko.

Bug No. 6018 (This bug has not been fixed yet)

Nested operator calls without input objects crash heurisko.

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